Wednesday, 15 November 2017

You Should Earn, Trust

Your body language, tells everything.
The way you answered, tells everything.
And now,
I may not speak up.
As what I have promised.
I will keep it.
Until you yourself tell me.
Tell me the truth.

You should earn my trust.
I have put a trust on you before.
But you broke.
Now you should earn it.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Yang terakhir.

Apologize me if I used this social media as a platform to share my problem.
I don't have anyone to share.
I don't have anyone to understand me.
I meant, certains issues that I may not ahare except to my friend.
But, she's no more.
I know Allah always with me.
And ya, I did share with Him in every prayers.

For you.
You may guess, who you are.

I'm sorry for everything I did.
You said, I get you wrong.
You said, I came out many issues.
You said, I create a story.
You said, I think too much.
You said, I think negative.
You said, I accused you.
You said, I am selfish.
You said, I pushed you away.
You said, I don't understand you.
You said, I was being paranoid.

I came out in many issues,
But I'm not simply accused you.
I came out with few example.
I get you wrong?
No, it obviously true.

I don't understand you?
Not because I'm not understanding,
But, you've misinterpreted my point.
And I don't even now you're sick.
Until somebody was telling me.
I'm not that stupid to not to understand you work situation.
But you said so.
It's up to you.

I did pushed you away?
But, you are the one who had change.
I lost the old you.
And, I'm not the person who you're looking,
If you want to share everything.
I know your family is your priority.
And I was asking you who's next?
You didn't answer me.
But I know it not me is't?
I told you also.
But you misinterpreted my point.
'Sebab banyak benda yang bukan aku yang tau dulu, tapi orang lain.'
Nak contoh?
But I think, I told you already.

So, no need for me to speak up.
Because, at the end I will be blame.
My point is nothing.
For you, everything you did was right.
That's why, without you noticed,
You hurt other.
You hurt me at the first place.

So now, I better keep everything by my own.
Even it hurt.

But you should now that,
You blame me, because you don't understant any of my point.

Mula-mula aku bagi opinion. But you not happy with that.
Sebab kau fikir kau betul.
But when it end up with arguement, you want to blame me for being paranoid?

Cuba Faham.
Sebab bagi aku kau tak cuba  untuk faham tapi lebih kepada fight untuk diri sendiri.
Walaupun ada bukti yang bagi aku tu semua betul.
Macam mana?

But anyway,
Kalau kau baxa,
Aku nak pesan.
Aku tknk gaduh.
Cuma nak kau faham.
Selagi kau tak faham, selagi tu kau salahkan aku.
Tu je.

Ini yang terakhir.
Lepas ni, I keep myself, silent. 🤐